February 2019 – part 1

Started this month studying some compositions from imagination. I didn’t use any reference, so I struggled SO MUCH to do this. Composition is something I have to study way more!

I also did two studies after masters, one after Dean Cornwell and the second I never found who is the author.

Still life paintings. I’m still struggling so much with these, but I’m having a lot of fun.

And here are my traditional illustration studies:

January 2019 – part 1

Started the year with master studies after John Singer Sargent

Perspective studies from imagination

And this weird portrait from imagination. I definitely have to study more heads, specially male heads

Then I started the composition studies, first trying to understand the work of some masters. I’m sorry that everything is in portuguese, but if you want I can translate it all later.

December 2018

Here are some lighting studies using simple shapes.

Also started to study colors. Little colored balls to get started on the subject.

Master studies: after Dice Tsutsumi and after Anders Zorn

Still life

More shapes to study light and color

And more still life

This was me trying to apply the studies on a character. Did a fanart of She-ha

I’m sorry, but there are more stuff. Some colored pencil studies. I used Faber Castell polychromos, Golfaber and Goldfaber Aqua.